Substantial organizational depth and experience, and 100% commitment to the Roaring Fork Valley.

Our team brings a spectrum of complementary skills to support our Association and Special District Management clients.

Dwayne Romero

President & CEO

Shawn Gleason

Chief Financial Officer

Jim Korpela

Chief Operations Officer

Jerome Simecek

Vice President of Operations

Lisa Price

Managing Broker & Partner, Romero Group Realty

Dan Schiesser

Captial Projects Senior Manager

Rob Leisure

Association Manager, Mid Valley

Hank Hays

Senior Association Manager, Mid Valley

Wade Boulton

Assistant Association Manager, Mid Valley

Melanie Schwartz

Senior Association Accountant

John Kenny

Association Manager, Aspen, Snowmass Village

Ignacio Murillo

Maintenance Supervisor, Aspen

Moises Reyes

Maintenance Supervisor, Mid Valley

Eric Pallares

Maintenance Manager, Snowmass Village

Troy Forbes

Association Manager, Aspen

Mario Gonzalez

PLDA Supervisor

Kit Morgan

A/R Supervisor/Association Accountant

Matt Ciminelli

Leasing Manager

Mark Viola

Senior Association Manager

Carol Ott

Human Resources Manager

Adrian Quezada

Maintenance Supervisor, Mid Valley

Connie Bruce

Manager of Housekeeping

Justin Fanguillo

Senior Maintenance Supervisor, Aspen

Tracy Forristall


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